Communication & Reporting

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Student Reporting

A formal report will be written for each student twice a year, at the end of Semesters 1 and 2. The reports will be written in Plain English and will use the Common Grade Scale. Following each reporting period a face to face interview with your child’s teacher will be offered. This report is a formal statement of your child’s progress during the semester. The information contained in this report is a summary of your child’s achievement. It should be considered in conjunction with other assessments and comments found in your child’s workbooks and expressed at interviews. You can ask the school to provide you with written information that clearly shows your child’s achievement in the subjects studied in comparison to that of other children in the child’s peer group at the school. This information will show you the number of students in each of the achievement levels A-E.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parents are a vital link in the education of their children, as clear lines of communication are important in achieving educational outcomes. Parents are encouraged to meet with their child’s teacher to discuss any concerns they have or to gain clarity. We request, however, that you contact the school or individual teacher to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time. These conversations are too important to have “on the run” so by making an appointment they are given the value we feel they need. Teachers are not able to discuss student progress or concerns during class time or whilst on duty. Please be aware that the morning period before classes begin is a time when teachers are preparing for class, and is not a suitable time for in-depth discussion. Formal interviews will occur at the end of Semesters 1 and 2 to discuss student reports. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the life of the school. If you feel you are able to contribute either in the classroom or in some other way around the school, please discuss this with the teachers.