Student Spirituality 

students in classroom

Our community is committed to enhancing the faith journey of all members. We are an authentic Catholic community which is welcoming of all and our faith underpins all aspects of College life. We explore our faith life through our Religious Education program and the prayer and liturgical life of the College. We live our faith through our daily interactions and our service to the community.

Religious Education

All students study Religious Education and learn about the Catholic faith exploring Scripture, Worship, Prayer, Tradition and Service.

Student Discipleship

The Lismore Catholic Schools Office also provides opportunities for interested students to experience inspiring, engaging and fun faith formation experiences through the Student Discipleship Program with other students within our region.

Sacramental Program

The Sacraments available to those seeking to embrace their Catholic faith including Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist are significant and powerful milestones on their faith journey. Our local Catholic parish wants to accompany your family on this journey and so provides the Sacramental Preparation Program for families of children seeking to receive the Sacraments. We encourage all interested parents and carers to contact the Parish Office (02) 6655 1448 for more information.